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the same time. Recently it has been demonstrated by

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finally his mind became deranged. He was placed in a lunatic

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how large a proportion of the patients were intemperate.

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Death and Sickness I would have him properly heard.

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With this introduction to the junior year we pause in retro

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its contents I endeavoured to produce an operation on the bowels

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the upper and the lower motor segments and we have paralysis in the

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They were generally swollen and without definite cell outline. Com

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waters with a preference for gouty and digestive disorders.

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ganglia. Moreover in many instances they were abso

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whatever the cause the excretion of Ca in the urine was abnormally

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the disease partook more of the appearance of Diarrhoea

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Electrocardiogram clinical significance of slight notching of R wave of

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successful passage of troops across the Pacific with one or more cases of

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that hereafter this peculiar appearance of the face

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Series of Twenty six Cases Operated More Than Six Months Ago.

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servation than to make any startling announcement of

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the fever stage of malarial and many other difficulties.

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to comi el a thorough examination consideration and

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his knees his heart still in his prayer for the dying

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cies independent of the nerves and also by physical or psychical

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municating with this chamber was an opening through the trigonum suffi

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Tuberculous adenitis in the cervical lymphatics develops in

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of the character of those whose condition we wish to ameliorate. From

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soluble and non poisonous substance may be converted

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their diplomas within its jurisdiction and it would

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boiling water destroys them. The roots dye a permanent

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urine even when the blood pressure is considerably depressed.

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good deal of unfriendly comment and some eight years

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