What Is the Rarest Color of a Diamond?

What Is the Rarest Color of a Diamond?

Diamonds are rare commodities and not what you get to see on a daily basis. However, one thing that needs to be understood is that these precious stones come in different colors, and not what many people think that they only come in white. There are those that are grey, blue, orange, green, white, orange, yellow, red, pink, brown, green and even black diamonds. That said, there are colors of these stones that are considered the rarest.

Red diamonds are considered rarest

These are made from carbon. Their red color is as a result of deformation in their structure. The deformation is referred to as plastic deformation. They have an irregular formation, or lattice which creates the rare bend in the light and in turn gives the piece of costly stone a ruby red appearance. They appear exquisite when you view them in candlelight. Red diamonds range from darkish pink to red-purple that borders magenta color. The more the diamond is red, the more its price value goes up. The redder this piece of stone means that red is its primary color and doesn’t have any secondary colors. According to GIA, there in 1957 to 1987, that is a span of 30 years, there was no any red diamond that was registered.

The blue diamond is the second rarest

 There are also other diamonds that are considered rare, after the red diamond. These include the blue diamond, the pink diamond, orange diamond, the green one, as well as the white diamonds. The blue diamond is considered the second rarest. However, there is a battle of supremacy on which should be the second rarest between the blue one, and purple diamonds. However, the purple one is somehow common that the blue one. Examples of blue diamonds include the Hope Diamond and also the Wittelsbach Graff.

On the other hand, purple diamonds are as well in high demand just like the yellow fancy Diamonds. Most women prefer the purple diamond, because of their vibrant beauty and gorgeous appearance. Since they are relatively available, they make a good investment. Popular examples of pink diamond include Graff pink, Perfect Pink and also the Steinmetz Pink.

There are two famous red diamonds which are the Moussaieff Red and the Hancock Red Diamond. The Moussaieff Red has a carat of 5.11 and an IF clarity grade while the Hancock Red Diamond is 0.95 carat. Its color makes it the most sort after red diamond. All these can be gotten from your favorite online store, Brilliant Earth.