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and cause a rapidly fatal septicemia or localize in some organ from

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rather than to other causes. Faults must inevitably become apparent

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This ashing and extraction is continued until the extract ceases to

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for the epidemic has been practically world wide. There are

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declined and I heard nothing of the child until four weeks later

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many things that may seem vague and unreasonable to those who

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will generally be sufficient to prevent errors of diagnosis. It must be

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serted into the incision in the cystic end and the two are firmly

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Hospital Service for the three weeks ending January

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abstract furnished paper by Colonel Joseph R. Smith Medical Di

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glasses are useless. Any form of ophthalmoplegia externa indicated

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Experiment Station cooperative work with Cheddar cheese remarks

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from these two points of view. Anatomy aside from the error of

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two other things. It may be masked by absolute inattention.

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a patented clog worthy of a paid audience. His notes were

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The facts of the case have already been reported in the daily papers.

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and swarms with parasitic microorganisms that irritate the pelvic sur

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with a rapid appearing of the nucleated forms and showing on

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Operative Treatment of Ventral Hernia Resulting from Ab

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tions made upon this disease during his long and honorable

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of other parts of the body nor any interference with

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we allow one to loaf all will loaf is so great that

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the bladder is restored and the frequency of micturition