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blood corpuscles may be found, without leucaemia being present,

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the waters is added. Its author — Dr. B. Loudon — a

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vomiting disappear, and the patient gains both in weight and strength.

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In tlie epithelial form of the disease, perhaps, we have

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to distribute. If, however, posters in bulk amounts are

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Venereal Diseases, Practical Points in the Treatment of, . 59

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Although this is, perhaps, the most violent form of

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sore is thus washed out, sufficient pyrohgneous acid to

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Dr. J. T. Dana, of Portland, Me., said that it seemed

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that atropine alone is sufficient in such cases, the faith in the revulsive action is

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brought promptly in touch with your Committee on National

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of the limb by impairment of function. Tabulated results

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workers, pin makers, and those similarly occupied. Chromium may cause

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telangiectasis with sublimate collodion (3:20). The

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Baginsky has said that naked figures are so little the expression of

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ments together after they had been operated upon tSl

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, " '"" '";'■:" — ''"■ in|..i,„n-. ..,,.1, ,„ ,0 „.,„,.. »,.,v .Kln„nM,.„.a

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tion from the uterine fibres which surround them. But

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to light the gas, felt something slip from the abdo-

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would be followed by hyperalgesia for analogous reasons were it not that the

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illustrated by the fact that, in grave condition of acidosis, the only cation

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there is some liability to errors of diagnosis. I have known a case of

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into oxides or salts ; all of which are capable of doing injury, and many

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previous baking gives to this class of infant foods the

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the streptococcus longus. The appearance of this coc-

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this country. Large numbers of people felt helpless and

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sometimes useful, but they prolong the ^^,'i ^^^ morphine injection only in

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urine may be very great. It Avould seem that in some cases the poly-

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liver was significantly increased in mid- and high-dose females. Drug treatment also significantly increased the iy

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tion, becoming petechial, both the same course of temperature,

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positive statements of Mr. Page in his work on " Injuries

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usual type, although the eruption may be very thick upon the scalp ; but