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means of spreading the infection the sputum being loaded with plague

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was wont to purchase six or eight gallons daily to fill up the

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profession as a whole will cordially unite with the

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fibrous bands. It follows that in some cases irregular areas of trs

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lesions Class B nine observations. In only three was there

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both trephine openings patient intelligent but reasoning power slow.

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diminishing liver dulness the haemorrhages the delirium the stupor and the

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discharges of eighteen sewers of Pittsburgh are mingled

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the clavicle. There was a slight trace of a tendinous intersection

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his own experiments as well as those of others he found it

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As to the second theory often termed the reaction theory it is also

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may devote their entire time to instruction and to that research with

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cal officers such of course involves a sort of revival

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Pain may kill. It may overwhelm the nervous system by

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fellowships are made April scholarship appointments are made about August.

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other means of obtainmg infoi mation on a subject that he would

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straps put on above the pateOa and firmly pulled down

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there would be very little bleeding from the posterior

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that the execution of this scheme would have very largely added

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the type of Sir Andrew Clark. There was no faculty and there

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been cured by gradual dilatation. For continued relief

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of mitral insufficiency may greatly diminish the lia

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This warehouse was probably better arranged for issuing equipment

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the excessive accumulation of the products of muscle waste during the

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medical journals of extensive circulation without pre

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tion was freest the power of resistance and restitution

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moving fibres enveloped in the medullary fubftance above men

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Sleeping Sickness A Record of Four Years War against it in Portuguese

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as mighty shacklin and lookin like as if they d bin

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osteopathy have given to the word thrust an objectionable meaning of

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the sheath of the vessels these two parts are united to form the

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rapidly in the stronger suspensions. We also noted that by flowing or

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duces a great number of sutures accurately approximating the edges

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may be avoided by anesthetics. This operation rids the fissure

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My conclusions drawn from these observations and ex